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Here are the possible problems you face ...
>> You want to start as an Asean Chartered Professional Engineer, but do not know the right path because there are too many Engineers and SCAMs on the Internet that aim to cheat your money.
>> You want to start a business or work in engineering and want to find the motivation, inspiration and momentum to push yourself to continue your steps as a successful entrepreneur or professional engineer.
>> You want to start an engineering or technology business from home or your office, but do not know how to run a profitable business.
>> You have an engineering or technology product or service ideas for sale on the Internet or on site but are afraid the product or service has no demand.
>> You want to start an engineering or technology business on the Internet or on site but be careful because the wrong way of promotion will destroy the opportunity and credibility of your business and it is very difficult to restore public trust! - this becomes worse because, you yourself will not notice where you are wrong.
>> You have an idea of an interesting engineering or technology product or service to trade on the Internet or on site, but you do not know the right way to do business on the Internet. If your competitors imitate your business model and use the right way of doing business on the Internet, this will result in you at a loss!
>> You want to maximize your engineering or technology business income using the techniques and strategies used by engineering or technology millionaires!

irsukhairul.com is an Automotive Design, Manufacturing and Industry training, coaching & consulting consultant that provide helps to graduate engineers or graduate technologies to obtain their Professional Engineer (P.Eng) certificate or Professional Technology (P.Tech) and to automotive R&D, Sales @ After Sales person, branches, dealerships or business owner achieve their sales @ after sales target while achieving high customer satisfaction index.

Through irsukhairul.com training, coaching & consulting programs, we help meet client’s needs.

irsukhairul.com can guide graduate engineer to obtain professional engineer (PE) with Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) through proper mentor scheme with The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)

For companies in the automobile industry, irsukhairul.com training, coaching and consultancy services either in English or Bahasa Malaysia language or both anywhere focus on the following:

  • 6 Sales process for retail outlet
  • 7 step process for workshop
  • Managing product recall and large service campaigns
  • Managing Equipment Tools & Calibration
  • Managing schedule waste collection
  • Managing sales training and technical training
  • Managing showroom operation
  • Managing workshop operation
  • Quality management toward ISO9001 certification
  • Social media sales & marketing for sales engineer and sales executive applicable for any industry
  • Product Expert development, training, coaching and implementation for Best Customer Experience
  • Sales Executive development, training, coaching and implementation for Best Customer Experience
  • Engineering Design & Development till production for plastic and metal components
  • Specialize in automotive aerodynamic & testing for performance
  • Specialize in automotive anti-corrosion, painting, sealing for testing and rust protection
  • Specialize in bumper design toward meeting the crash test requirement
  • Specialize in plastic pp material, composite, fiber glass and foam material meeting standard requirement
  • Professional Engineer (PE) development, training and coaching toward PE certification with BEM
  • Professional Technologist (P.Tech) development, training and coaching toward P.Tech certification with MBOT
  • Auditor for EAC & ETAC programs for EAD BEM and TTAC for MBOT

irsukhairul.com also can do personal coaching for engineering & technology education, sales and aftersales

Please do contact by http://www.wasap.my/60122515093 to get your quotation.


Ir. Ts. Sukhairul Nizam Abdul Razak received his early education at Sekolah Menengah Methodist ACS Klang Selangor. He later furthered his study at University Technology of Malaysia (UTM Skudai) in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical). He also received Master in Business Administration from Charles Sturt University Australia.

He registered as Asean Chartered Professional Engineer (ACPE) since year 2020 with Asean Chartered Professional Engineering Coordinating Committee (ACPECC) with registration number “ACPE- 04237/MY” under Mechanical. 

His professional career started at Proton R&D since 1995 as design engineer follow with other positions in various departments for nearly 18 years. As a creative, dynamic body design engineer, Branch Sales Manager, Manager Sales Standard , Manager Warranty Operations, Manager Equipment Tools & Calibration and Head of Division Office.

He then worked with Accenture Malaysia for Daimler Group’s project established Product Expert & CSTAR for both sales and after sales in all Mercedes Benz’s dealership in Malaysia.

After that he joined City University Malaysia as Senior Lecturer for Engineering Faculty and later as Lecturer for First City University College for Engineering & Computing Faculty. He also as Corporate Trainer for MIT Academy Sdn Bhd conducting SLDN program under Lean production system (LPS) operation.

He also appointed as Regional Director for Learnmaxpro Solutions Sdn Bhd. international company based in India and also appointed as Director for Enviroklar Tech Sdn Bhd.

He motivate himself and his team engineers, sales force, trainers, auditors, suppliers, service & sales network, to exceed expectations beyond their capabilities as individuals. His interpersonal skills and multi experiences enable him to effectively create productive relationships with diverse group. He is an analytical thinker and a visionary who develops clearly defined strategies to meet corporate objectives. Ultimately, he is also a results-oriented person able to handle multiple challenges en-route to achieving company goals and objectives. 

IT Proficiency

  • MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), AutoCad, Merit, Euclid, Catia V4, Catia V5, Ansys Fluent, Autodesk Nastran & Inventor, Product Data Management (PDM), SPSS, SAP and ERP

Professional Affiliations

  • Asean Chartered Professional Engineer in Mechanical (Reg No: ACPE-04237/MY) since 16th November 2020 with Asean Chartered Professional Engineering Coordinating Committee (ACPECC)
  • Professional Technology “Ts” in Manufacturing & Industrial Technology (ME) (Reg No: PT20110438) since 12th November 2020 with Board of Technologies Malaysia (BEM).
  • Professional Mechanical Engineer “Ir” with practising certificate (Reg No: C110757)  since 2001 with BEM till present
  • Member for The Institution of Engineers Malaysia since 6th June 2011, Committee Member for Engineering Education Technical Division (E2TD) IEM for 2014/2015, as Co-Opted Member for E2TD IEM for 2015/2016, Committee Member for E2TD for 2016/2017, Co-Opted Member for E2TD IEM for 2017/2018, Committee Member for Membership Driving Programme IEM for 2017/2018,2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021 and Committee Member for E2TD for 2018/2019 & Observer E2TD for 2019/2020. Achieved presidential award of excellence representing Engineering Education Technical Division as for being most improved Technical Division for the year 2017.
  • Associate Asean Engineer (AER ID: 3218) with Asean Engineering Register since 19th December 2012 till present
  • Investigating committee member for BEM since March 2001 till present
  • Professional Mechanical Engineer’s Mentor for IEM since 23rd March 2016 till present
  • Professional Mechanical Engineer’s Assessor & Interviewer for IEM since 1st June 2017 till present
  • Technical Committee on Statistical Methods represented IEM for SIRIM since 18th June 2015 till present
  • As a mentor for 3 mentees for engineering graduate under IEM’s log book program that pursue for Professional Engineer’s assessment
  • As program evaluator for Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) for BEM since October 2021 till present
  • As program evaluator for Engineering Technology Accreditation Council (ETAC) for BEM since November 2018 till present – conducted audit to i) Polytechnic Banting Selangor for Diploma Engineering (Manufacturing) dated 26th February till 28th February 2019 & ii) Polytechnic Kuching Sarawak for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing) dated 9th October till 10th October 2019
  • Council Members for The Institution of Engineers Malaysia 2019/2020, 2020/2021 & 2021/2022 session
  • Secretary for Sub-committee on Membership Driving Programme IEM (2019/2020 & 2020/2021)
  • Secretary for Standing Committee on benefits & wellfare IEM (2020/2021)
  • Secretary for Standing Committee on Activity IEM (2021/2022)
  • Committee for Standing Committee on Corporate Affair IEM (2021/2022)
  • Committee on Standing Committee on Finance IEM (2021/2022)
  • Chairman on insurance for Sub-committee on benefits & wellfare IEM (2019/2020 & 2020/2021)
  • Attended workshop and presented audit report as Head of audit Panel for Polytechnic Banting Selangor to Director of EAC/ETAC dated 27th March 2019