Suriya Sankaran

Sewells-MSXI – Automotive Retail Training Consultant and Dealer Efficiency Coach

I have worked very closely with Ir. Sukhairul while doing several key projects for Proton Motorsport involving the built of Limited Edition Vehicles, Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing (25 units), R3 Satria Neo (150 units) and also involves exporting a batch of Satria Neo to Japan market for purpose of motorsports participations.

Ir. Sukhairul has always relentlessly offered his helping hand in supporting R3 for its business expansion plan, a good coach and perfect team player.

Arafat Abd Rahman (Friend)

During recognize Ir Sukhairul through his wife, which is directly involved with my career in the sales of vehicles Malaysia (PROTON). He is a very dedicated to the highest level of what he did. Almost 14 years to recognized him and his family, He was very concerned about her family and if it is seen on him, then if he shared his knowledge with the partnership more significant.

Shuhaimi Abdul Rahim (Pengurus Pusat Service dan Pensyarah Jemputan UKM)

Beliau memang seorang yang layak di dalam bidang latihan automotif. Berpengalaman luas dalam setiap bahagian automotif. Sangat terperinci bila bekerja dan seorang yang disenangi oleh rakan-rakan dan pekerja.