Career in automotive (sales environment)

1) General Manager Automotive (operation) Mercedes Benz dealer (salary – rm7000 – rm8500) min 8 years (senior manager) 28/9/2017 posted in Jobstreet

Job description
1) Responsible to focus close attention to daily operations recommending and creating improved courses of action.
2) Responsible to explain the policies and procedures of the dealership to all employees and following up with employees to ensure that these issues are understood and followed.
3) Responsible to provide dealership management with weekly reports on the financial condition of the dealership.
4) Overseeing the monthly financial statement to ensure it is complete,l accurate and submitted on time to the management.
5) Planning and developing short and long-term goals and objectively annually and submitting time projections to corporate management for approval.
6) Effectively communicating with the related departmental forecasts and ensure consistency with annual projections.
7) Coordinating regular meetings with managers of each department to ensure their profitability and efficiently.
8) Focusing on any customer complaints that department managers are unable to rectify and taking the necessary steps to resolve these complaints.
9) Coordinating with other business units to ensure the records and analyses are correctly maintained.
10) Maintaining an enthusiastic attitude to build positive employees attitudes and morale.
11) Perform any other assignment from time to time as given by management.

Job specification
Candidate must posses at least a Professional Certificate, Master’s degree, Business Studies/Administration/Management or equivalent.
At least 8 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
Preferably Senior Managers specializing in Sales – Corporate or equivalent.
Full time position available.

2) Branch Manager (Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd) rm3000 – rm4500 min 10 years (senior executive) 26/9/2017 jobstreet

Job description
1) Candidate must posses at least Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management/Marketing or equivalent.
2) At least 10 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
3) Strong leadership skills, capable of planning, good organizational skills, coordinating and delegating duties amongst members of the workplace.
4) Able to handle customer enquiries in a patient, helpful and positive manner.
5) Able to work with all levels of management and natural team player.
6) Professional appearance, pleasant personality, honesty and good work ethic.
7) Manage sales and adminitrative functions of the outlet.
8) Provide excellent customer service while maintaining profitable operations.
9) Effectively plan and execute sales strategies to meet required target set by company.
10) To motivate and discipline all staff especially sales advisors.
11) To ensure branch well managed in all areas.

3) Branch Manager (Nationwide) Proton Edar Sdn Bhd Rm3500 – rm4500 min 5 years (Senior Executive) 26/9/2017 Jobstreet
Job responsibilities
a) Strategic
1) Build relationships with new clients and business partners.
2) Inculcate a customer service mindset and compliance to company’s policies and SOP’s to all staff under the Sales Manager’s span of control.
3) Conduct market intelligence and identify outlet’s opportunities and differentiators in relation to the competition, to cater for potential growth in revenue and profits.
4) Anticipate the sales outlet’s needs and requirement in order to achieve set targets and to be in tandem with the company’s strategies.
5) Grow and develop the competencies of staff under Sales Manager’s span of control and harness their talents by inculcating Proton’s core and leadership competencies for them to be achievement oriented.
b) Operational
1) Achieve monthly and annual revenue and PBT targets for the outlet as per approved AMP.
2) Achieve monthly and annual sales targets for the outlet.
3) Monitor the performance of revenue generating positions i.e Sales Advisors and ensure the achievement of set targets.
4) Manage and control the outlet’s operational expenditure and capital expenditure budgets utilization as per approved AMP, whilst ensuring budget utilizations are always optimized.
5) Analyse and review outlet’s performance against targets and devise improvement action plans based on root cause analysis.
6) Ensure all policies, SOPs and action plans related to SSI are complied to and fully implemented by all staff at the outlets.
7) Plan and execute outlet’s awareness and ground marketing activities with full participation by relavant staff.
8) Manage sales stocks in accordance to policies and SOPs which include the proper management of slow moving stock and stock ageing.
9) Ensure all requirements under the PROTON Quality Delivery Standard (PQDS) are complied to.
10) Ensure outlet’s financial related matters are managed in accordance to policies and SOPs.
11) Ensure debts collection are within stipulated terms.
12) Ensure proper management and maintenance of outlets’ buildings, facilities and equipments including monitoring the ongoing validity of licenses and certifications for buildings, facilities and equipments.
13) Ensure outlet’s compliance to all of the company’s policies and SOPs particularly those relating to outlet’s operations including but not limited to ISO 9001:2008 and SHE documentation and requirements.
14) Ensure outlet’s compliance with company’s CI as needed or as directed by management.
15) Ensure outlet’s participation and implementation of relevant HMS activities ie 5S, Autonomous Maintenance, Innovative Creative Circle and Kaizen Suggestion Scheme.
16) Ensure the staff development requirements are complied to (eg skills and competencies development, product knowledge, etc) and to highlight on other development requirements based on the needs of the outlets.
17) Manage staff related matters in line with authority, prior to upward escalation if and when required.
18) Protect the company’s strategies advantage by ensuring confidential information remains as such.
19) Ensure all staff represent the company in professional manner in their disposition and attire.
20) Execute and implement any jobs or instructions assigned by Area Manager, Regional Manager, Head of Sales Management and the management time to time.

C) Continuous Improvement
1) Take necessary actions to improve SSI rating and monitor the outlet’s compliance to activities initiated by Sales Management Division, Quality Division and the company.
2) Monitor all complaints and issues related to outlets lodged by CRM Division and ensure action taken and/or resolution as per standard timeline.
3) Act on any abnormalities, non compliance and potential issues at outlet’s operations and assist to effectively resolve the issues.
4) Ensure all corrections and corrective actions arising from improvement initiative,directive,internal and external audits and other channels or activities are carried out immediately and within given timeline.

Job requirement
1) Candidate must posses at least a Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree, Master’s Degree, any field.
2) At least 5 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
3) Excellent interpersonal and communication skills both verbal and written.
4) Excellent leadership skills with proven coaching and mentoring capabilities.
5) Excellent negotiation, influencing and problem solving skills.
6) Networking skilss with stakeholders.
7) Strong work ethics and time management skills.
8) Able to use IT tools and its application.
9) Dedicated, dilligent, tenacious and performance driven.
10) Preferably Senior Executives specializing in Sales – Corporate or equivalent
11) Full time position available

4) Sales Manager (Penang, Ipoh) Telagamas Motors Sdn Bhd Lexus rm6000 Рrm8000 min 5 years (manager)  Jobstreet 25/9/2017

Job description
1) Supervise sales territory, lead and motivate sales team to achieve outlet monthly sales target.
2) Build/develop business relationships with existing or potential customers to expand business opportunities.
3) Develop,lead and participate in effective promotional activities in building brand presence and increasing market share.
4) Identify problems and issues and ensure effective solutions especially in managing customer needs.
5) Manage complete sales life cycle phases leading to closure of business and delivery of products and services.
6) Meet performance expectations with respect to sales objectives, targets and deadlines.

1) Candidate must posses at least a Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree in any field.
2) Minimum 5 years of working experience preferably Managers specializing in sales – automotive industry or related.
3) Strong leadership and communication skills with good teamwork spirit.
4) Result oriented, assertive and willing to take up challenges to achieve sales target.
5) Fluent in Malay and English, both spoken and written.
6) Positions are available at our Penang and Ipoh outlets.
7) Applicants should be Malaysian citizens.
8) Full time positions available.

5) Sales Manager (Toyota Dealer) Boulevard Jaya Sdn Bhd Min 5 years (manager) Sarawak Kuching

Job description
1) Sales Manager is to ensure the smooth and profitable operation of the Sales Department with strict adherence to Dealer Standards, TCSS, dealer company policy and procedures.
2) To achieve and strive to exceed all targets, objectives through a well developed and motivated sales team. Maintain the standards of performance of the sales team through effective coaching, training and performance management.
3) To achieve maximum and balanced profitability on vehicle sales plus motor insurance products. Maximise sales and departmental profitability through tight stock control, cost control and margin control.
4) Plan and lead activities of the Sales department, to achieve optimum profitability and customer satisfaction.
5) Follow up receivables.

1) Extensive experience in automotive sales field and managerial experiences in an essential.
2) Can take the pressure from a demanding industry and have proven leadership qualities.
3) Business planning policy and strategy planning capability.
4) Sales performance (sales revenue TCSS etc) data analysis and counter measure development capability.
5) Understanding dealer operation and management, automotive market,high levels of analytical and problem solving skills, strong communication skills, proven customer complains handling skills.
6) Trustworthy strong work ethic and self motivated, team work, enthusiasm, mature, accountability and meet the deadline.
7) Excellent in multi language speaking, writing and computer literate.

6) Assistant Manager Retail Sales Operation Mercedes Benz Malaysia MBM min 3 years (senior executive) Jobstreet 26/9/017 company car available
Job description
1) Retail Sales Operations:
i) To provide early warning system is formulating the monthly trading terms.
ii)To monitor run-out and run-in pipeline plan.
iii)Conduct analyses and customized ad hoc reports to assist MBM management to make informed decisions.
iv) Preparatory on Dealer Annual target and quantitative bonus.
v) Working closely with Regional Sales managers to develop the mechanisms to implement the sales strategies and policies set in montly trading term.
vi) Compiling and analyzing sales statistics, market research information and competitors sales comparison matrix (ie product, pricing, sales offer, etc)
vii) Analyse internal processes within the department and support by providing ideas on improvement and implementation.
viii) Develop sales proposal on special projects/fleet to increase MB sales potential.

2) System and operations support
i) Update monthly dealer PC forecast-coordinate on monthly basis with Dealers, regional sales managers and retail sales development manager monitor & support all SEAs markets on their respective implementation plan & timeline.

3) Project/Cross functional support:
i) Provide the necessary staffing support in official events (F1, road show etc)
ii) Cross functional projects

i) Bachelor Degree in Marketing, Business Administration or Engineering
ii) With 3 years experience in automotive industries – preferably in sales & marketing
iii) Product knowledge with marketing background (market research and statistic)
iv) Computer literate in MS Office, word excell, power point, access & Visio
v) Specific knowledge/skills: Sales & negotiation skills, QC tools, process development, problem solving models, analytical skills, business development
vi) A positive and enthusiatic team player and team enabler.

7) Group Marketing Manager (JURU) Rm9000 – Rm12000 Min 10 years (Senior Manager) Jobstreet 28/9/2017

Job description
1) Plan and organize related Marketing and branding activities for the Group.
2) Support associated brands throughout all dealership activities.
3) To feedback and input on monthly SPPN.
4) Monitor Group Marketing expenditure and expenses from respective dealerships.
5) Monitor the retail merchandise stocks and ordering process from suppliers.
6) Maintain/enhance/upkeeps outlets’ CI compliance based on each associated brands CI requirements.
7) Contributes to provision of expert advice, guidance and recommendations to the management of marketing strategies.
8) Supports the management’s initiatives to drive marketing strategy execution in an integrated and aligned manner accross the Group.
9) To perform and hoc tasks assigned by the Management from time to time.

Job requirment
1) Candidate must at least a Bachelor’s Degree, post graduate diploma, professional degree, business studies/administration/management, marketing or equivalent with at least 10 years of working experience in the related field preferably in automotive industry.
2) Pleasant personality with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
3) Excellent business acumen with strong financial management skills, excellent in planning and organization skills.
4) Required language (s) Bahasa Malaysia and English
5) Position shall be based at Juru, however candidate must me willing to travel outstation branch when deem necessary.
6) Full time position(s) available

Technician Automotive (Based in Gelang Patah JB) Hap Seng Star Sdn Bhd Jobstreet 29/9/2017 minimum 3 years non executive

Job description
1) Perform maintenance and repair services according to Principal’s Workshop processes requirements.
2) Ensure quality workmanship in achieving operational excellence.
3) Carry out repair and maintenance work according to the repair order (WIP)
4) Ensure full compliance to ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 requirements and safety regulations.
5) Maintain a safe and healthy working environment in compliance with Health & Safety requirements.
6) Maintain cleanliness of tools, work bays and customer vehicles

1) Candidate must posses at least a Professional Certificate/Diploma in Automotive field or equivalent.
2) At least 3 years of working experience in the related field, preferably in servicing and maintaining passenger and commercial vehicles.
3) Positions are available in Gelang Patah Johor

Executive Warranty Task Force Mercedes Benz Malaysia min 3 years (senior executive) jobstreet 25/9/2017

Task description
1) To initiate special parts inspection process based on analysis from Warranty Controlling team. Follow up on effectiveness of measure and present to AS management.
2) Monitor KDM completion rate of SEA Hub 2 countries and to identify improvement action to achieve 100% completion rate within specified time frame.
3) Monitor KDM completion rate of SEA Hub 2 countries and to identify improvement action to achieve 100% completion rate within specified time frame.
4) Service Contract Activation for MB Indonesia market (ASSET)
1) Degree in Automotive/Mechanical Engineering/Business Management or equivalent.
2) Preferably with 2-3 years working experience in automotive service industry or similar capacity.
3) Good product knowledge and skills regarding all vehicle system.
4) Proficient in English and IT/Computer literate.
5) Good leadership abilities, analytical mindset and pattern recognition

Product Expert Mercedes Benz RM2500 – 3500 (min 3 years senior executive)

Job description

  1. Provide product knowledge support to sales person

1.1 Support sales person on product technicalities

1.2 Support sales person on Mercedes Benz accessories option to cater to customer special needs.

1.3 Conduct on going research on competitor activities and products

2. Responsible to maintain and uplift sales person product knowledge (training) for the dealership.

2.1 Responsible to maintain and uplift sales person on product knowledge through formal/informal trainings and perform related test to sales person periodically.

2.2 Conduct periodic product knowledge test to sales person. Sales person product knowledge re-qualification.

3. Responsible as MBM product business partner at dealership.

3.1 Consolidate market feedback on MB product to MBM for future improvement purpose.

3.2 Assist MBM in new product knowledge roll out or the deployment of any product program.

4. Others – perform any other job from time to time given by management

Job description

  1. Candidate must posses at least a Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree, Business studies/Administration/Management or equivalent.
  2. At least 3 years working experience in the related field is required for this position
  3. Preferably senior executive specializing in marketing/busines development or equivalent
  4. Full time position available
  5. English speaking person, IT savvy, extrovert personality, independent and able to travel and a team player
  6. Experience in an automotive industry is an added advantage/technical know how